Rating System

In the Berkeley Table Tennis Club we use our own rating system. The system was created by one of our players, Mike Labins, in order for us to be able to assign players to suitable round robin groups each Friday according to their table tennis skills.

The system is relatively simple: Each match is worth 16 points, plus or minus 4% of the initial ranking difference between the players. The winner always wins at least 2 points. The loser of the match receives 2 points for each game he wins, and those points are subtracted from the winner's 16 points. Here are some examples:

Player Ranking Games Won Games Lost Ranking Points Difference
1100 3 2 -16
700 2 3 +16

For example, if a player ranked 1100 beats a player ranked 700 with a match score of 3 games to 2, the player ranked 1100 gets 2 points for the match win but ends up losing 2 points because of the game score (16 points for the win minus 16 points for the ranking difference, but a win is always worth at least 2 points).